Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Road Trip

This was a picture of the rig taken at Beck's Fish Camp, Pensacola, FL,  about this time last year.  It's a rather expensive way to go just to get the canoe in the water, but Mama says she's done with being cold, wet, hot, or otherwise uncomfortable, so it's the only way we can travel together.  To her credit, she's done enough of all the above in years past.

We brought the RV home today in preparation for the Pennsylvania road trip. I was happy to see that winter storage was kind to us this year. The batteries were in good shape, tires good, and no freezing problems with the water system. I got both water systems flushed of antifreeze, and the batteries reconnected and back on trickle charge. Everything is looking good so far except the fuel prices. Ouch!

We had a granddaughter born while I was doing the Florida Keys Challenge, so this will be our first chance to see her. While visiting there, I hope to paddle lakes in Eastern and Central Pa., so if any of you are near those waters, let me know. Perhaps we can get together.


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