Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Western Village

We spent the three days at Western Village in Carlyle, PA.  It’s just a few miles from our daughter’s place, so it was convenient as well as being a very nice campground.  We’ve pretty much exhausted our paddling opportunities until we get home and start doing some more research.  There just isn’t time on the road to search out guides, maps, etc. for further trips.   One of the first things we need to do is clear out a huge inventory of marine hardware and equipment.  This is mostly for larger boats, and some is sailboat specific, but if anyone is looking to save on marine gear, e.mail me and I’ll send you a complete list.  There’s virtually everything you would need to build a boat, let alone maintain one, from teak and cherry wood, a new diesel engine, water pump, lights, stainless steel sinks, trailer parts, you name it.  

We had a Father’s Day pancake breakfast while we were there, and afterwards a local chainsaw carving artist, Tony Grimes, did an all-day demonstration.  He carved an owl, several bears, eagles, hanging wizard masks, a cowboy hat hanging on a cactus, and others.  It was amazing to see him visualize an object in a piece of tree trunk, and then just make it appear.  We had seen one of his larger pieces on the way into the campground.  A homeowner wanted to remove a tree from his yard, and asked Tony if he could make anything out of it.  Tony apparently told him if he cut the trunk thus and so, he could carve a large eagle out of it, and so he did.  Jean fell for the owl, so as soon as I can get it sealed and polyurethaned, it will make a nice addition to the patio.  I have Tony’s contact information if anyone would like to reach him.

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