Monday, June 13, 2011

AT&T Zero-G Service

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but we’ve run afoul of AT&T.  We even had one friend call because of the lapse, just so she could make sure we were okay.  It started with about five days when we couldn’t get service at all, either phone or air card.  That, of course, isn’t new.  We frequently found little or no service along much of the Gulf and East Coast as we traveled.  Then when we reached Savannah, we got service, but had lost half a month’s air time, so I called AT&T.  I explained that we had paid for one month’s service while unable to get any AT&T service, and paid for ten days of the next month without service, but were in an area where we had Wi-Fi.  We then started getting between nothing and 2G.  We had been told we had 2G service at home, and we never had any faster service until we reached Savannah.  It would take twenty minutes to download four pictures.  At the end of the month, we had 3.8 GB left, which meant we had used 1.2 GB in 20 days.  The billing period started over while we were between Crooked River and Savannah, and in four days, checking the same sites as always, using the laptop the same way as always, we had dropped to 2.67GB, meaning while using 1.2 GB in 20 days, we had now somehow gone through roughly 2.3, nearly half the month’s access, in four days.  I called AT&T, because they always say I’m one of their valued customers, and said this was impossible, and wanted to find out what could have happened.  They suggested I had been downloading movies (no), or videos (no), or a lot of music (no), but would initiate an URGENT INVESTIGATION, and would be back to me with the results in 24 to 73 hours.  That period expired Thursday of last week without a word.  So, I tried to curtail use until the problem was resolved, but obviously AT&T isn’t interested in resolving the problem.

We had a great day in Savannah.  We started at the Savannah Visitor’s Center where we booked a sightseeing tour with Old Town Trolley Tours.  In our younger days, we’d simply get a map and walk all over town.  If you’re in decent shape, the historic section of the city is not so large that you can’t do that, but otherwise, the Old Town Trolley does a nice job.  The all-day pass provides you with a tour guide to give you all the history and interesting stories, unlimited access on and off the trolley as many times as needed, pick-up every 20-minutes from each of its fifteen trolley stops, and free all-day parking.  For someone who has all my life shunned such package tours, I have to admit it was a pretty convenient deal.  I can say four things about Savannah---the people are friendly and helpful, the history is fascinating, the culture and food are great, and the parks and architecture are just too gorgeous to absorb enough in less than two or three days to enable you to come away with an adequate appreciation.  No pictures here, until we can see what happens with written text. 
Cheers, jim and jean

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