Friday, June 24, 2011

End Notes

Now that we're home, we can share some of the pictures that AT&T made
impossible before.  Jean can attract friends anywhere.  This one came out to
meet her at Little Pee Dee State Park, Dillon, S.C.

Since our physical ailments played a part in our story, I should comment on those. Jean’s left hand continued to bother her more and more in spite of wearing a hand and wrist brace. It got to the point of being unbearable, so she visited a doctor in Lewes, DE, who diagnosed it as tendonitis. An anti-inflammatory was prescribed, and while it helped, it has not solved the problem, so she is now visiting the doctor here at home. When I went to the doctor about my right shoulder, I was told that I may have a bit of a tear in the rotator cuff, but there’s no way of determining that with any finality one way or the other. An x-ray will not show soft tissue damage, and the insurance company will not authorize an MRI unless I have first failed a physical therapy regiment, and of course physical therapy was impossible while traveling. I also received an anti-inflammatory, which seems to help, but again the pain returns if I stress it. After the 18-mile paddle a couple days ago, it was sore when I finished, and all that night, but it seemed much recovered by the next morning. I asked the doctor how I should approach the paddling once I finish the anti-inflammatory prescription, and was told I should then go and paddle until I definitely tear something. It all comes down to trying to work with old gear, or old body parts.
This was the beaver pond at Little Pee Dee.  We found no beaver, but drove a five-foot
snake away from its hole.  It does show the water lillies in bloom.

We arrived home last night at 9 pm and crashed. Today was a bit of a slow recovery day. The heat of 106 degrees yesterday was grueling, and Jean was glad to get the birds home alive. It’s almost as hot again today, and we’re looking at triple digits all this week.
Things that are used daily don’t all of a sudden like being ignored, so we returned from our two-month tour to find some things rebelling. The back door to the house wouldn’t open, the flapper on one toilet tank dried out and won’t seal, and the coffee pot made half a pot this morning and died. That hurt worst of all.
Once we get the trailer emptied and cleaned, it will be back to planning some more trips.

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