Thursday, June 2, 2011

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another, Part 2

So, we’re going smoothly up I-95 headed for Savannah.  I stopped to take advantage of the last of such gas prices we are likely to see---$3.51/gallon---at a Flying J.  We got back on the interstate, and the next time I looked at the gauges, just a few minutes later, there’s an engine malfunction warning light staring back at me.  When I registered at Skidaway State Park at Savannah, I asked for recommendations for a good garage, and also get the number for the Dodge dealer.   I couldn’t reach the recommended mechanic, so I called the Dodge dealer and headed there.  The light is now out, after $390.85 for fuel emission sensors.  Of course $250 of that is for labor, and another $20 for writing the work order.  I REALLY would have liked reaching the independent mechanic, but we’re back in good order.

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