Monday, May 9, 2011

Still Nothing

Nope, the radio failed to make an appearance again today---day eight of the 3-5 day priority delivery.  Yes, I know.  It should have been insured, signature required, have a tracking number, and all that, but there’s just something that rubs my fur the wrong way when someone wants me to pay extra to insure they do what they’re already getting paid to do.  The whole world has gone crazy.  It’s like when I went in for an eye exam.  The doctor could only examine one eye.  I’d have to make another  appointment to return so he could check the other eye.  I mean, I brought the two in together, and they sit right next to each other.

Well, I needed to get back on the water, if just to keep my muscles and joints working.  After haunting the post office and lunch, I threw Ibi overboard for a ten-mile paddle back down the Escambia.  It was a nice run, and I even took a few pictures for you.

I spent a good while trying to identify these for you.  The first is pickerel weed.   I couldn’t identify the second one.  Does anyone have an idea?   It has a white pentagon face with long feathers that extend from each point of the pentagon.
I was rounding one sharp bend and looked up to see the bow of a barge coming around in the opposite direction.    He would join this one, which was tied along the bank.
I’ve passed this cypress several times, and admired it each time.  I finally paused for a picture, but I fear it doesn’t do it justice.  Cypress often look spindly, but this is a healthy, mature tree full of feathery foliage from top to bottom.


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