Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Crooked River and St. Mary's

We went down to St. Mary’s today to register for the two campsites on Cumberland Island, Sea Camp and Brickhill.  The ranger convinced me that I should start from Crooked River, since we’re already here.  The Sea Camp requires a landing on the west shore, and a portage across the island to the ocean side.  The boat must be left on the one side of the island, but at least a cart is provided to carry all the gear across the island.  At Brickhill, on the other hand, you simply pull out on the shore and camp right there.  This should mean a departure about noon tomorrow.  I’ll fight the current a couple hours, but then should find a fair current the rest of the way.
Piper tries to get a feel for the twisted channels
and cuts of the Georgia Coast.

Crooked River is a beautiful park which is well maintained, well laid out, and has a pleasant and helpful staff.  There are many trails for walking, biking, a nature education center, cottages, and sites for RV and primitive camping.

We walked around St. Mary’s, visited the National Park Service museum, made the obligatory  stop at the ice cream shop for double dips of rum raisin and black cherry in waffle cones, and drove around town admiring the historical-register homes from the mid-1800’s.  An added benefit was the 40-cent drop in the price of gas here.

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