Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Woohoo!  We got the radio today.  The replacement is installed and working great.  We got it on day NINE of the assured 3-5 day priority mail delivery.  Now, the rest of the story.  I’ve been at the post office window every day for the last five days looking for this parcel.  The parcel, meanwhile, was sitting quietly on the shelf in the post office since it had been checked in on the 4th.  There had been no attempt to deliver it, and they couldn’t find it until today, even though I was there asking for it in person---every day.  We’ve lost nearly a week out of our primary objectives due to this blunder.  Remember the pony express, when men would go out, come rain, snow, or dark of night, and bet their lives on getting the mail through?

We will get everything ready today to pull out early in the morning for the move to Wakulla to see how much paddling we can get done there.  

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