Friday, May 6, 2011

A Few Pictures

I did get a few pictures I can share.
While taking a breather in a protected cove, I couldn't take my eyes off these.  I already knew pretty much everyone in the developed world had more money than me, but Wow, this is absurd.

At the foot of a Chocktawhatchee Bay bridge is this boat storage building.  It is huge---undoubtedly large enough to contain six football fields, and covered completely in scenes of the ocean and whales.

This was my late evening camp site in the ICW near West Bay Creek.  This is where the alligator ran into the water right in front of my tent.

Probably of more immediate concern than the alligator was that the entire spoil flat was covered with long-spine cacti.  I really had to watch where I walked in my open Crocs.

Fred Borg and I, with Ibi loaded on the pickup, in front of his home in Panama City.  Fred's a really great host and paddling friend.

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