Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lazy Days

We seem to be in the middle of the lazy days of the holiday.  Nobody is reading blogs right now, so I figured I'd share this as a mark of the times, and come back in a couple days when everyone is home, exhausted, and ready to do something enjoyable, like just reading.  This couldn't typify the apparent mood any better.  These were our two granddaughters "relaxing" in the canoe.  There was a front approaching that would kick up the wind and bring it around on the nose.  I was trying to get them to lay on the paddles a bit more to get in before our conditions turned foul, but they just couldn't be bothered.  If they had been any more blase', they would have rolled right out of the canoe.  It's a good thing the Micmac has good initial stability.  We were still a mile from the landing when the wind hit.  It wasn't anything to be concerned about safety-wise, but being right on the nose, gave them some time to consider the cost of their indolence.

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