Sunday, December 18, 2016

Is It Winter Yet?


As a matter of fact, no.  Winter doesn’t come until Wednesday, but you’d never know it by the weather.  I know this is called autumn weather by our friends up in the North, but it really is still autumn here too.  It was 3.2-deg.F when we got up this morning.  After being up repeatedly all night checking the water lines, I was relieved to see the plumbing still intact this morning.  This is making me very happy about all those days I spent crawling under the house putting foam insulation on every inch of waterline.  This is the coldest we’ve seen here in Oklahoma in a decade-plus.  The picture is of the hoarfrost on the clothesline, and the patio is covered with small birds in survival mode.  Jean’s tropical birds are singing happily in the heated, insulated room we built for them in the garage.  So, as long as the heaters and utilities hold up, life is still good.  (A little paddling would make it better.)  You know it's cold when the cats won't even get out of bed for tuna fish.

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