Saturday, December 17, 2016

Attack of the Winter Storm

The temp right now is 20F with 22-31mph winds and a 5 degree wind chill, and the cold front is just starting.  Tonight 5-deg. will be the actual temperature, minus 15F wind chill with 40 mph winds for the next two days.  Other than taking warm water out for the birds, which they flocked to in large numbers, I’ve been a bit slow to run outside.

For the birds, Jean takes two heavy plastic cat food dishes and stacks them together with paper towels in between.  It slows the freezing, so the water remains accessible much longer for drinking before it starts to freeze.  With the inner dish thus insulated, the cold can only access the water surface.

I’ve been enjoying the morning by watching some nibimocs videos (Larry Ricker).  He has been asking for people to subscribe to his video channel, so I’m passing it along in the hopes you will help him out.  He does great videos of canoe/camping trips in the Boundary Waters with soothing accompanying music.  I had to chuckle a bit this morning as he was sitting under his tarp complaining about how hot it was.  Here is a link to his 14-day trip this August.  I think you will enjoy it, and maybe subscribe to enjoy his future work.

I had an interesting day yesterday.  Jean had gone to the library to get enough books to get her through the frigid spell.  When she came back, she told me about encountering a man there making a cross-country bike tour.  Knowing there was no way he could survive the next couple nights, I went to the library hoping to find him and explore the possibility of putting him up in comfort and safety for a couple nights.

He said the police had found him in the laundromat the night before.  They had called a couple local churches, which went together and put him up in a motel for the night.  I unfortunately didn’t get much of a chance to talk with him.  I had just gotten through introductions with Patrick when his parents pulled up.  Hearing about the forecast, he had called them in Mississippi, and they had driven up to get him back to a warm home.  Hoping to make the round trip back to Mississippi in the one day, they were anxious to use the facilities at the library and get back on the road.  I thought it a bit gutsy attempting a cross-country trip in this season, but the two important things are that he was following his ambition, and once facing a safety issue, had been able to get someplace safe and warm.  As he needed no assistance as he broke his kit down to put it in the pickup, I wished him well and continued on my walk.

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