Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Slice and Dice

 Yesterday was devoted to a Mercy Hospital visit for a little slice and dice.  I don't mean to sound trite, but that's just one more reason why you don't put off your paddling or other dreams until you're ready, the kids are grown, you're retired, or any of those other lame excuses for procrastination.  I do have summer paddling plans, but I've intentionally not made them known, because it all depends on what the biopsy reveals.  All I do now is sit for a couple weeks and wait for the shoe to drop.   Today we're sitting and waiting to see if any funnels drop on us.  I got the tornado shelter cleaned out, stocked with 2 gallons of water, a waste bucket with screw-on lid and 3 rolls of TP, a battery-powered lantern, a whistle to attract the attention of would-be rescuers if we got trapped, and 10 Cliff Bars.  I like making paddling plans more, but we have to deal with it as it comes.


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