Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So This is Winter

While I look at pictures of friends resting on a Florida beach, for contrast, this is life in Oklahoma. My wife and I have been sick since the 4th of January--a full month. We were trading illnesses for awhile, a week on and a week off. The advantage there was that one of us was up to care for the other one. Then in a moment of near well-being, we decided to celebrate a day of freakishly warm weather, 70-deg, by taking the granddaughters to Great Salt Plains Lake for a day’s outing and picnic lunch. While it was warm, the wind blew 49 mph all day. The air was continuously filled all day with dirt, leaf mold, and whatever airborne bacteria and viruses were about, and we both crashed at once. We, like the groundhog, have just crawled out long enough to see our shadows.

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