Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring on the Plains

Spring housecleaning.

This is the time of year when a lot of people lose their homes, and some their lives.  Welcome to tornado season.  In recognition of weather turning from ice and snow to 300-mph winds, I cleaned out the tornado shelter this morning.  After vacuuming out the spiders and crickets, I put in a 5-gal bucket with a screw-on air-tight lid for a slop bucket, 3 rolls of toilet tissue, 2 gallons of water, and the battery-powered flourescent camp lantern.  I haven't found it yet, but I've been looking for my air horn.  If wreckage locks us in and all the cell communications are out, it would be nice to attract the attention of would-be rescuers.  We're forecast to have severe weather the next few days with the potential of tornadoes.  On the next trip to the store, I'll grab a box of granola bars to put in there.  Given my dislike of hunger, and the potential for being trapped for up to 3 days, I'd just as soon not be dealing with claustrophobia and starvation at the same time.

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