Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midway & Paddle to DC

Dave & Amy Freeman and the signature canoe.
Credit: Paddle to DC

Written in the jacket cover of North to Cree Lake was a cryptic message about what we are now seeing in fruition. It said Art Karras shared “his love for the wilderness as it was, and may never be again, unless we reshape our values and attempt to restore what we have almost lost.” Here are two must-see videos that invite us to examine our own values, to better understand our undeniable and often destructive impact on the world we live in, and to hold politicians and money interests accountable for their anything-for-a-buck, and to hell with everything else attitudes and practices. The first link goes directly to the video. In the Paddle to DC link, please read the blog concerning the issues, and then view the video that is included. There is a lot here to think about.

Paddle to DC has been added to the "Favorite Blog" section in the right margin so you can follow along while also visiting Log of Ibi.

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