Thursday, March 27, 2014

Keep Oil & Gas Out of Our Parks

If you look at the above map of oil spills across the United States, you may wonder why Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma weren't included in the map of the country.  Actually, they were.  You just can't see them for the oil spills.  Look at areas where there are no or few oil spills.  Why, they would be our National Parks.  Politicians from Texas and Utah want our National Parks to look more like Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  They not only want to halt forever the creation of any further public park lands, but to allow oil and gas interests free reign in the parks we already have.  The owners of drilling and pipeline companies say they will be responsible.  They say that drilling and natural environmental beauty are compatible.  Their own record speaks for itself.  According to one of the reports below, drilling has already started in 12 parks, with an interest in beginning in 30 more.  Am I wrong, or wasn't the idea of the park system to preserve these natural beauties for the enjoyment of all future generations?  Or, were they preserved for the greed of big money interests?

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