Sunday, January 12, 2014

Surprised! And yet again!

Well, okay. As I said, I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised, and got good news as well. That has taken a load of our minds.

I saw the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon. I was in and out of the exam room in about ten minutes, and when I saw Jean in the waiting room, gave her two thumbs up. There was good news and bad news, but the bottom line was that my spine has done naturally what he would have had to do artificially with surgery. The tingling and numbness has cleared up, and unless there are other problems recurring, I have a clean bill of health with no limitations. If another problem arises, an MRI is the next step. I had to ask if that would take another three months to get that done. He said he knows I’ve waited a good while, but now that I’m his patient, if it’s needed, it could be approved and done in a matter of days.

I’m ready to go paddling, babeee! All I need is to find some water softener to transform the water around here back to a liquid.

The second surprise came when I tried to set up a Facebook account for Jean. Her page and mine became irreparably entwined, friends mixed up, posts mixed up. I worked on it a couple days, and finally the only solution seemed to be signing my account over to her, having already come so far, and then try to set up a separate one for myself. The problem is that all the paddling friends are still on Jean’s page. I hate to bother you with this, but I’ll have to send new requests to all of you to get us back together. If for some reason you don’t get one, and wish to stay on board, send me a request. If you want to help save me some time searching each of you out, feel free to take the initiative and send me a request now. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion. James Neal.  My name doesn't show on the blog, so if you read the blog and aren't on Facebook with me, please send a request. 

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