Friday, December 21, 2012

Rod Wellington

Photo by Jonathan Lauten

This is a picture of Rod Wellington pinned down on a sandbar near Jefferson City, MO, for 40 hours in 5-degree F temperatures and 50-60 mph winds.  This morning his kayak was covered and filled with snow.  He started from the headwaters of the Missouri River, at the Continental Divide, in June.  His start was in deep snow in the mountains.

You can access more information on his trip by searching Missouri River Paddlers on Facebook, or click on Love Your Big Muddy in the right margin under Favorite Blogs.  This is Janet Moreland's blog.  She plans to start the same trip this coming May.  If successful (or I should say "when successful") she will be the first woman in history to run the entire river, source to sea.

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