Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wishes

From our home to yours, and all your family and friends, Jean and I extend our warmest wishes for a wonderful and safe Christmas and holiday season.

Things are progressing nicely here. I’ve spent the last three days inputting waypoints for the St. Johns River trip in the GPS. I had that done before, but I’ve redone the trip so many times that I began to have doubts about the track, so after considerable thinking on the subject, I finally decided to delete the whole mess and start again.

I’m much encouraged by the reports coming from the area on the water levels. Middleton Fish Camp reported on their site that they have the highest water levels since 2008. They also have a new St. Johns Water Management District supervisor who says he’s going to keep the levels higher than years past. I would suppose that’s controlled with the weir at the Lake Washington outlet.

We’re supposed to have a white Christmas with 3-5 inches of snow, but 28 mph winds and a zero wind chill. I had serious concerns about Rod Wellington on the Mississippi River, but checking his forecast showed he will get a lot of rain, but actually milder conditions than we will have here. He is currently at Washington, MO. It would be nice if someone near him could get him off the river for the holiday. It’s not easy making contact. His phone died, and he’s not carrying a computer, so contacting him means tracking him on his DeLorme satellite plot and hailing him somehow on the river. Dom Liboiron is also still on the river, but he’s further south. He has just passed the confluence of the Arkansas River, north of Rosedale, MS. (See Canada to New Orleans under Favorite Blogs.) If you'd like to follow Rod, searching Missouri River Paddlers on Facebook is the best way.  So, again, Merry Christmas.


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