Saturday, June 9, 2012

Out and About

Before moving on to paddling the Western lakes of Oklahoma, I'll share a few random pictures left from our visit to the East Coast.

Viewed from Pennsgrove, New Jersey, this is a look down the Delaware River and at the twin spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  If you were sharing this view, just a bit over your right shoulder would be where Peter Minuit landed in 1638 with an expedition to establish New Sweden, a colony on the lands owned by the Dutch West India Company.

This a view down the Murderkill River at Bowers Beach, Delaware, taken from the sidedeck of the Captain's Lady, a 70-ft. twin-screw headboat that fishes the Delaware Bay. 

The cleaning table awaits the next load of fish.  While working on your catch, you can look straight out the inlet at the bay.

I had forgotten just how large the Eastern squirrels are.  They are double the size of their cousins here on the Plains.  They are well fed by nature, but still won't pass up an easy birdfeeder.  I had to smile every time I walked by this little garden figurine with the squirrel donning his wings and beak.

This robin had come with the promise of spring---something the weatherman was totally incapable of delivering.

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