Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lake Fort Supply

Fort Supply Lake has 1,820 surface acres and 17 miles of shoreline. I wanted to have most of a day to cover that, so I headed from Evans Chambers back to Fort Supply Lake. It is just south of the town of Fort Supply, northwest of Woodward, and on P. 18, 4-H of the Oklahoma DeLorme Atlas.

I arrived at the lake at 5 :30 and began weighing options for camping the night. With the America The Beautiful senior’s pass, I could stay on the east side of the lake for $5.50, so the east side it was to be. My intention was to set up camp, have dinner, and then get Ibi down, put her on the cart, and have her loaded ready to go at dawn. Then discovering that I had forgotten the key to the security cable, I decided to leave Ibi on the truck and unload her in the morning. When on a trip, I always wear the key around my neck, but eventually take it off at home, and so it stayed on the dresser. I have now tied the key to the cable so they stay together, and I can then slip the cord with the key over my head when I head out in anticipation of using it during encampment at night.

The escort for my morning departure.

The lake had settled down with the calming of the wind, and by sunset, was as smooth as glass. Dinner was Mountain House chicken and rice, cinnamon apple sauce, and coffee with Pop-Tart smores for desert. I had skipped lunch, so a hearty dinner was enjoyable. A cloud of black flies decided to join me, but I found that by just moving to the picnic table in the next camp site allowed me to leave them behind. They were a bit slow on the uptake, and wouldn’t discover my new position for about fifteen minutes. As soon as I had cleaned up, I crawled into the tent and had the campground all to myself, except for a couple nighthawks that serenaded me through the night.  
White-faced Ibis.  It sure would be nice to have
a 400mm lens, but we can't have everything.
Red-winged blackbird.

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