Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Eastern PA-5

I'm getting quite a selection of photographs to share with you when I get back, but I'm wanting to hold them to go with the stories.  Some of them are worth the wait (in my opinion).  We'll see what you think.

I came with the understanding that after visiting with the family and being introduced to the new granddaughter, I was ready to go paddling.  No one had differed with that understanding until it was time to go.  Then, oh my gosh, I couldn't be gone on Easter. 

I often read about the contortions people go through to try justifying a few hours of paddling and relaxation.  There are work commitments, church commitments, civic commitments, family commitments, honey-do commitments, maintenance commitments, and I could go on, but what's the use.  I heard one man patting himself on the back because he had been out on the water once a month.  I can relate, really I can, but let's face it---that's pathetic, folks.  There are priorities, but getting to the end of your life too spent and run down to enjoy your life is certainly not one of them.   So, I went back to explore how many reasons there are for not going paddling.  I mean there's at least one holiday, usually numerous, everyday that could require your presence and attention.  Let's look at a few.

No kidding now, these are real.  You can check them yourselves.  There is diversity month.  Couldn't time on the water provide that?  Car month, brussels sprouts and cabbage month, overeating month, frog month, holy humor month, guitar month, math month (yeah, right!), letter writing month, grilled cheese sandwich month, kite month, bat appreciation month, pecan month, karaoke month, cardboard box month, cleaning for a reason month (as if you should need one), whistlers' month, and those are just a few for April alone.  There is also workplace conflict month, which arises because people can't get off to go paddling.

There is a pooper scooper week, hate week---after you get those two, who needs more?

There is atheist day, but I can't believe in that, tongue twister day, St. Stupid Day (no kidding!), love our children day (just one?), peanut butter and jelly day, tweed day, square root day, vitamin C day, rat day, deep dish pizza day (now we're talking), fun at work day, drowsy driver day (!?), teflon day, beaver day, pillow fight day, metric system day, a day without shoes day, safety pin day, and on the 10th, you can choose between be kind to a lawyer day, or be kind to a farm animal day.

So, if you go paddling and miss a holiday, don't worry about it.  In a few hours there will be another one.

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