Monday, February 6, 2017


Great news---for me anyhow.  I finally got out paddling yesterday.  I'll do a post on yesterday shortly.  Today, however, while the warmer weather is great for many of us, I'm really feeling sorry for the birds.  While out riding the bike, I had two large flocks of geese fly over, each with a count of a couple hundred, all headed due north.  We're having weird April weather in February---60 and 70 degree days.  The poor birds will suddenly find themselves several hundred miles too far north when the winter door slams shut on them again.  Meanwhile, here's a few more of the pictures I promised.
This one is clear to see---the Cheyenne Tribal Princess.

Here's a young lady displaying some entrepreneurial skill.  The shade
comes later, right now, it's the better to catch the candy with.

Again, their beading work is amazing.

This one I think takes a little justification on the girl's behalf.
The temperature was 100 degrees.  Blanket or no, hop up on
the hood of a truck that has been sitting in the sun for a couple
hours, then crank up the engine, and stay there for two slow trips
through town, and while she still has her princess wave, I feel she's
totally justified in losing her princess smile.

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