Monday, February 29, 2016

DeLorme Update

I received an email concerning a 30% savings (available today only) on the Earthmate PN-60 mapping GPS.  While it was a very attractive offer, I was concerned about the effect of the Garmin buy-out of DeLorme, so I gave them a call.  The sale of DeLorme was indeed completed.  The only impact on the printed Atlas and Gazatteers is that they are no longer available for walk-in purchase at their company store, but their availability for on-line purchases should continue unchanged.  That's the good news I felt I should share.  The PN-60, on the other hand, looks great, and continued R&D in hi-tech applications is an area Garmin is heavily invested in, so that should only get better.  I'll add more later when I've had time to use the PN-60.

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