Monday, August 3, 2015

Abby and the Vets

Beautiful picture of the upper river from Abby's blog.

Abby Kaeser, of Bloomginton, Indiana, is just two weeks into her Source to Sea paddle of the Mississippi River.  Being joined by some vets for their Warrior Hike Expedition 2015, the six paddlers departed July 22nd, and plan to travel from Lake Itasca to Morgan City, LA.  One of the points of interest in reading her blog will be comparing this late season departure with those started earlier in the season.  Early and late seasons bring totally different challenges.  Abby starts her blog with a description of her kayak and an inventory of her gear, and a proposed schedule for stops along the river.

I have added Abby and The Vets to my Favorite Blogs, and it can be accessed by simply clicking that tab in the right margin.

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