Thursday, March 12, 2015

American Falcon

Hah!  I think I finally got the picture files working—mostly.  We’re about to find out.  Anyhow, this is one of Jean’s rescued critters.  This is a kestrel, part of the American Falcon family.  This one came to us with a broken wing.  After being stabilized, it was transported to WildCare, south of Oklahoma City.  They have an avian veterinarian that works with their staff, and they specialize in helping the animals recover, heal, and strengthen until ready for release back into the wild.

As with many of the wildlife, they seem to have a much better understanding of humans than we do of them.  While some will fight and protest being handled, many remain calm and receptive, seeming to understand that we are trying to help them.  This bird was very calm, and quickly accepted hand feeding, but retained his alert wariness.  This is important in handling wild animals, always avoiding any tendency to treat them like a pet, which would destroy their ability to live or defend themselves in nature.



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