Monday, January 5, 2015

This is Really Stupid

Credit: Caduceus from Google Images
Two days ago I titled the day’s post “Hit the Ground Running.” The problem with hitting the ground running is if you can’t keep up, you’ll end up flat on your face…..and here I lie. There were three final things I had to get done before loading the canoe in top the Ram: get lab work done, have a physical, and visit the dentist. I had a plan, a perfect plan. The lab work was to be done tomorrow morning, the physical in the afternoon, and the dental visit Wednesday morning.

Then I could feel it coming on last night. The chills were so bad by the time I got to bed, I thought I was going to freeze to death. The virus and medication I’ll be taking for it would screw up the lab work, so that and the physical are set back at least two weeks, by which time my doctor will be in Africa. The next available dental appointment isn’t until July, so unless I can get in for a cancellation, that’s out the window. So much for plans.

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