Sunday, January 4, 2015

Proud as an Eagle

Credit: Google Images
I know it is supposed to be proud as a peacock, but eagles are rather proud birds as well. It’s actually my wife that I’m very proud of, and eagles are featured in this event. I’m proud of her for being recognized for her work in wildlife rehab. She was invited to be a speaker during the Kaw Lake Ultimate Eagle Watch on Sat. 17 January.

If you have a horse, you can take an eagle watch tour from horseback in the area of Sarge Creek Campground, U.S. Corps of Engineers. For those without horses, four other viewing tours are led during the day. There are presentations on the history of the eagle and its habitat, why the birds like to winter in the Kaw Nation area, which has the highest concentration of eagles in the state, and the eagle’s importance to Native Americans. For those interested in wildlife in general, there are presentations on wildlife rehabilitation, the wildlife around us, and then Jean’s presentation on getting involved in wildlife rehabilitation work.

The event is sponsored by the Kaw Nation, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Sutton Avian Research Foundation. Anyone in this area interested in participating can get details at (580)762-9494, (877)671-6985, or on line at

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