Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh no! We're Gonna Die

Oh No! We’re Gonna Die: Humorous Tales of Close Calls in the Alaska Wilderness, by Bob Bell (pub. By Todd Communications, Anchorage, AK, 2006, 215pp.)

The book is a collection of 33 short stories about being in the wilderness of Alaska. Its aim is more toward hunting than paddling, but there is a wealth of information about being in the wilds, learning about the habits of all kinds of wildlife, the nature of the wilderness itself, and staying alive long enough to get back home, and all of those should appeal to any paddler. While a large amount of detail goes into dealing with bears, especially grizzlies, the purpose of the book, beyond spinning many enjoyable, humorous tales, seems to be the lesson that things can go sour very fast. It emphasises a truism about small insignificant wrinkles in one’s plans, and how they grow exponentially to become life-threatening disasters. If you enjoy the outdoors, you should enjoy the time spent with this book.

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