Monday, October 13, 2014


Just a comment on comments before moving on. My son sent me an email saying he thinks he is finally able to post comments on my blog posts. It makes me doubly happy to learn he is reading them. I’ve never achieved the interaction I’ve wanted with those who read the posts, and thanks to all of you who do, but I love seeing feedback and shared experiences from all of you. Indeed he did post a comment to the last picture of the day. He did say, however, that the process for setting up the Google account that enables leaving comments probably required more authentication steps than needed for launching a missile. I have heard from others that they felt uncomfortable answering all of Google’s privacy questions, but I haven’t heard of anyone having any problems coming from having followed the process. So I don’t know if the demanding process is due to something I’ve done in setting up my profile filters, or is just the result of wading through Google’s demands, but if you can pull on the high-top boots to wade through the mire, I’d still love to hear from you.

I do try to hold the line on a few things. While I do unavoidably fall prey and get hooked in sometimes, I try my best to avoid discussions about politics, religion, race, and some other hot-button issues that serve no purpose beyond alienating people. One of the reasons I enjoy paddling is the chance to get away from all that media-generated stress. I also don’t feel comfortable communicating with people shielded in a cloak of mystery and calling themselves ‘anonymous.’ I did try giving one such person a go, but he started linking commercials to my posts, and that was a definite faux pas. I’d love to hear from the other 98%. Happy paddling.

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