Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Wings of a Dove

Jean's young dove at feeding time.
“O that I had wings like a dove; for then would I flee away, and be at rest.” Psalm 55-6. For the last several weeks, this dove meant no rest to speak of at all. We’ve had two squirrels and this dove, all infants that came to us within a couple days of birth, and all found abandoned on the ground. Like any infant, that meant being up every three hours around the clock for feedings. At our ages, that left us as numb as zombies. Finally, for the last three nights, the night feedings have finally been cut to zero, and we have slept three nights through without the alarm going off at all hours.

The dove has developed a bit of personality and its own routine. Once the cage is opened, it jumps out and makes a couple flying laps around the bathroom, and then lands on the vanity. Either on its own, or with Jean’s help, it climbs onto a branch to perch as dinner is served from the curled lip of a spoon. It makes a coo to excitedly announce each incoming spoon of food, and turns into a siphon as it draws in the feed. Jean uses Kaytee Exact brand baby bird hand feeding formula, which she has found to be the best. It has also begun pecking at a dish of seed, but will still need at least a couple more weeks of hand care before being ready to rush out into the world.

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