Saturday, September 6, 2014

Out and About

We see some things of interest because they are our destination, but some that are just as interesting are those we see by chance along the way. 
This beauty is a clemantis, which amazingly enough, is one of 300 species in the buttercup family.  They are of Chinese and Japanese origin, but have also found a welcome home in gardening clubs of Great Britain since 1862.  Besides being known as clemantis in England, they are also called traveler's joy, which we certainly found to be true.  They are a climbing vine that like cool, moist soil, which leaves us 0 for 2 here in Western Oklahoma.  Taken along a rural road near Carlyle, PA.

Western Village RV park near Carlyle, PA, is also a popular haven for full-time residents.  Many have done very nice yard gardens that I have used pictures from before.  I found this one so attractive that I waited out a whole week of rain just to get a picture of it.  This little rock garden is not only beautiful by day, but contains a number of unique solar lights that add interest into the night.

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