Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moving on to Virginia

These are red squirrels, which are a bit smaller than gray squirrels. Going with us, these last remaining two were going to settle in gray squirrel territory in Eastern Virginia near Norfolk. When they ventured forth at my brother’s home, it was amazing to see that they instinctively began building natural squirrel nests in the oak tree there. Also, there seemed to be no hostility between them and the local squirrel population, so all went well.

In spite of the new location, they quickly settled into a pleasant routine. They would show up both morning and evening for their peanut treat. In the morning, they would come and sit on the fence that surrounded two sides of our RV and peek in the window at us until we came outside. Then they would scurry about the oak tree harvesting leaves and branches for their nest. About noon we would see one or the other having a siesta as they sprawled across a branch with two legs hanging off either side. Just before dinner, they’d appear again for another peanut or two. The first couple weeks they would return to the cage at night, and we would set them in the garage for the night, and then release them again in the morning. As they became braver and more independent, they stayed out more and more until they were done with the cage, and except for the peanuts, pretty much done with us.

By the time we left six weeks later, my newly recovered brother had been adopted by the two squirrels. He went out morning and evening to take them peanuts, and by the time we got home, had built them a squirrel feeder to keep them and their feed dry. They depended less and less on the commercial feed he was providing, but he enjoyed spending time with them when they did come down to the feeder.


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