Saturday, February 22, 2014

Claude Delorme-In Awe of Beauty

Claude Delorme on the hunt for more photographic subjects.
After sharing one of Claude’s pictures in the last “Shot of the Day,” I asked him to share a bit more of himself, since we already seem to share some of the same spirit. If you haven’t looked at his Facebook photos yet, you’re missing a real treat. Anyhow, this is what Claude cared to add.

“You can usually tell mine (photos) apart by the complete lack of people and when there’s either a bright orange kayak, or a green cedar canoe involved. My family owns a cottage in Lanaudiere, Quebec, but I hardly go anymore. I prefer camping in some remote location by myself, and spend the better part of the day taking photos. Early morning, I find, makes for the best pictures. The lighting is perfect. Winter is the dead season for me as far as photography goes. Few and far between. I bought a GoPro HD camera last month and cannot wait to take videos with the camera mounted on either one of my boats. (Otherwise, he uses a Pentax K200R) I post maybe 20% of the photos I take.”

Thanks, Claude. Keep hunting for the pictures and sharing your own. We enjoy them very much.

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