Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can Spring Be Far Away?

Canoes and kayaks everywhere.  At least mine wasn't
the one with the two snakes in it. 
Photo by Maryellen Self.
We’ve been having an enticingly warm spurt in the thermometer‘s mercury. Yesterday was 45, today hit about 56, and it’s supposed to keep warming into the weekend with temperatures approaching 70. Of course, I will not risk to think what may come next with the weather, but the snow is all but gone, the sun is shining and actually feels warm to the skin, and the birds sing happily. I’ve been forced from my lethargy, coaxed from my recliner, and driven to thoughts of boat and gear maintenance and paddling trips. A week ago, we were in single digits, and now I’m thinking of spring.

While there’s no opportunity for paddling around here, in fact, there’s still ice on the little ditch out back, I’m nevertheless deep in thought about the paddling season to come. Anticipating that, there has to be some attempt at stretching the muscles and reversing winter’s atrophy, so the Total Gym is now stretched across the living room floor. I’ve put in 1,500 reps over the last couple of days, which is a slow start, but it’s a start. Most importantly, the weather and my mood are at last in some degree of synch. Come on spring.

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