Monday, September 16, 2013

Woolaroc Wildlife

We're actually getting some rain.  As much as we need it, I hope the SW part of the state gets even more.  The drought has persisted for several years, and the lakes show the effect as clearly as the vegetation.  Canton Lake is down 77%; Altus Lake down 87%; Tom Steed Lake down 74%; Waurika Lake down 54%, and so on.  So, yes, the sound of rain on the roof is a happy sound.

Here are some of the wildlife pictures we were able to obtain at Woolaroc Ranch.

A white elk in wildflowers.

From a stream, a llama watches us watching it.

Spotted fawn.

The stream ran under the road and created a pool where
this water buffalo found cool relief from the heat.


Doe and fawn.

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