Saturday, September 21, 2013

Woolaroc Museum

A Life-sized Bronze Cowboy.

This and the next picture look as fine as paintings,
but are actually intricate Mosaic tiles.

The canoe was made by the last surviving bark canoe builder of the Chippewa Tribe of Northern Minnesota. The builder was the wife of a chief, and was advanced in years. She was building the canoe specifically for display here in Woolaroc Museum, but due both to the process itself and the pace at which she was able to work, the project was dragging on. The canoe was almost done, but she got angry at the museum trying to urge her to finish it, so she took a handful of nails and nailed the gunwales around the canoe. Since the skill of canoe building had not been passed on to the younger generation, she knew she had the upper hand, and nothing could be done to coax her into removing the nails and doing the job right with basket reeds. So, you have a genuine bark canoe of the Chippewa----until you get to the gunwales.

A beautiful bronze canoe and paddler, complete with a flintlock rifle.

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