Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tornado Crosshairs

One thing that hasn’t been reported well is the tornado outbreak’s real size south of Oklahoma City. They didn’t have just the twister that hit Moore, but were actually hit by eight tornadoes over two days.  Now, we’re literally in the meteorological severe storm crosshairs for the next three days. The dry line shifts a bit each day, but the severe systems just pinwheel around us. At least we have a good chunk of the rest of the country keeping us company this time. The trip we had scheduled for this week, paddling the remainder of Kaw Lake, had to be cancelled. Winds are forecast in the 25-35mph range for the entire week. Altus, OK, had 100 degree heat yesterday and 45 mph winds. The high winds are to be accompanied by severe thunderstorms, large hail, and a tornado potential each day. There is an ‘enhanced’ probability for tornadoes on Thursday. Our tornado shelter’s delivery and installation is still a few weeks out. Not only is it hard to contemplate fitting in a paddling trip, but it’s a bit like Russian roulette as to whether we will still be here when the shelter arrives.

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