Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've spent all week just trying to drag myself around with a miserable cold.  I haven't even felt like reading for more than a half-hour at a time.  If you're still in good enough health to enjoy a good book, here's another one to relax with from the Paddlers' Reading List.

Killarney    by Kevin Callan (84pp., Stoddart Pub. Co., Toronto, Canada, 1990/94)
Any paddler will of course immediately recognize Kevin Callan’s name from his videos, speaking tours, and numerous books. This book is more a soft-bound coffee table book about the Killarney Provincial Park that sits just above Georgian Bay, at the north end of Lake Huron. The many photos that accompany the text show the beauty of the area in full color, except those from historical records, which are in black and white or sepia (a brownish tint that, you may find interesting to know, came from the excretion of cuttlefish). At the end of the book, for those who may want to turn daydreams into reality, are seven canoe routes through the area via lakes, rivers, bays, and some portages. Both the history of the area and the unique beauty will draw you in. In fact, the author said he had misgivings about doing the book. Making one of his secret, special places public would only mean more and more people would beat a path to his secret haven.

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