Friday, October 21, 2011

From Worse to Worser

Canton Lake yesterday.

This picture was taken by a lady that lives near the lake.  The Corps says the lake is down 58%.  The Corps has released the water to supplement reservoirs in Oklahoma City, which also looks like this.   There was a question for a while as to whether they would in fact do the release, because they said it would take a week for the water to reach Oklahoma City.  During that time, half of the water would be lost to absorption and evaporation. 

While we were at Kaw Lake, we could actually see the water level dropping every day as it receded from the shoreline.  At the time, the water level was listed at -5%.  It is now at minus 6%, so the rain we had last week (the first measurable amount we've had in the last year) has done nothing to help the lakes.  To feel better, we have to look at Meredith Lake, which shows a level of minus 106%.

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