Sunday, August 21, 2011

SUP Mississippi, 2011

I had heard about some crazy guy paddling the Mississippi on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), but didn’t find out until today on Facebook who he is, and that it was part of an organized effort. The reason for the SUP is it would qualify as a Guinness record for the longest SUP trip. The who in the equation is David Cornthwaite, of London, England. The most interesting part is that the Mississippi trip is the fourth trip of what he calls Expedition 1000. He is planning to do 25 trips of a minimum of 1,000 miles each, and doing each trip by a different form of non-motorized transportation. So far he has skateboarded across Australia for 3,638 miles, kayaked Australia’s Murray River for 1,479 miles, rode a tandem bike from Vancouver to Las Vegas for 1,396 miles, and now should log about 2,400 miles on the Mississippi River by paddleboard. I’ll attach a link to his blog in the Favorite Blogs section on the right margin. Check him out.

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