Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marland Mansion, Pt.2

Next to the formal dining room in the Marland Mansion is the breakfast room. It was said to be E.W.’s favorite room in the house, octagon-shaped, with wall plaster-relief representing the tree of life, and English hunting scenes.

The service kitchen with the "every day" silver and table settings.

Behind the breakfast room is the service kitchen. When the mansion was built, the very latest and most modern wonders were incorporated. The counters are monel, the next highest grade above stainless steel, and had ammonia-powered refrigeration, a steam dishwasher, and a huge safe to protect the highest-grade silver services. There was no cooking done in the service kitchen. That was all done in the large kitchen on the floor below so no heat or cooking odors entered the living or entertaining areas, and was then sent up in a dumbwaiter. The dumbwaiter also continued to the top floor so meals could also be served in their private suites. The entire house was wired with a lighted communicator panel and intercom system so servants were always only a finger-touch away.
Ceiling panels hand-painted and gold-leafed around
250-lb. light fixtures.

Ceiling of the Main Ballroom patterned after Versailles.

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