Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paddler's Reading List(3)

McGuffin, Gary & Joannie / In The Footsteps of Gray Owl
McGuffin, Gary & Joannie / Where Rivers Run
McGuire, Thomas / 99 Days on the Yukon
McPhee, John / The Survival of the Bark Canoe
Mead, Robert Douglas / Ultimate North: Canoeing Mackenzie’s Great River
Merrick, Elliot / True North
Millard, Candice / The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey
Messer, Richard E. & Sanders, Jerry D. / On the Big Rivers
Miller, David L/ The Complete Paddler: Guidebook for the Missouri River
Moore, Joanne Ronan / Nahanni Trailhead
Morse, Eric / Freshwater Saga
Mulvany, Tara / A Winter's Paddle: Kayak Around South Island of New ZealandNealy, William / Whitewater Home Companion: Southeastern Rivers (research author for long list of whitewater river maps and guides beyond scope of paddling bibliography)
Neide, Dr. Chas. A. / The Canoe Aurora: A Cruise from the Adirondacks to the GulfNewman, Peter C. / Caesars of the Wilderness
Norment, Christopher / In the North of Our Lives
North, Dick / The Mad Trapper: A True Story of Canada’s Biggest Manhunt
Nute, Grace Lee / The Voyageur
Olson, Sigurd / Listening Point-Sigurd Olson
Olson, Sigurd / Reflections of the North Country
Olson, Sigurd / Songs of the North-
Olson, Sigurd / The Lonely Land
Olson, Sigurd / The Singing Wilderness
Olson, Sigurd / Wilderness Days
Olson, Sigurd / Runes of the North
Olson, Sigurd / Open Horizons
Olson, Sigurd / The Hidden Forest
Olson, Sigurd / Of Time and Place
Olson, Sigurd / The Meaning of Wilderness
Olson, Sigurd / Spirit of the North: The Quotable Sigurd F. Olson
O'Neill, Dan / A Land Gone Lonesome: An Inland Voyage along the Yukon River
O’Reilly, John Boyle / Canoeing in the Dismal Swamp

Osler, Sanford / Canoe Crossings
Paine, Albert Bigalow / The Tent Dwellers
Patterson, R.M. / Dangerous River
Patterson, R.M. / Finlay’s river
Patterson, R.M. / The Buffalo Head
Patterson, R.M. / Trail to the Interior
Payne, Jim / One Inch Above the Water: Running Away on America's Rivers
Pauli, Frederick G. / A Record of a Trip Through Canada's Wilderness to Lake Chibogamoo and the Great Lake Mistassini
Pauly, Daniel / Exploring the Boundary Waters
Pelly, David F. / Thelon: A River Sanctuary
Perkins, Robert / Into The Great Solitude; An Arctic Journey

Peterson, Sr., Phil / All Things are Possible: The Verlen Kruger Story, 100,000 miles by Paddle
Peterson, David / On the Wild Edge
Pierce, Linda Breen / Choosing Simplicity

Pinkerton, Robert E. / The Canoe: Its Selection, Care and Use (1914)
Pitt, Kathleen & Michael / Three Seasons in the Wind
Pohl, Herb / The Lure of Faraway Places

Porter, Winton / Just Passin' Thru
Powell-Williams, Clive / Cold Burial
Proenneke, Dick / One Man's Wilderness
Raffan, James / Bark, Skin and Cedar
Raffan, James / Summer North of Sixty

Raffin, James / Fire in the Bones
Ray, Dorothy Jean / The Eskimos of Bering Strait, 1650-1898 (This is an anthropological text rather than a paddling book, but added for those with an interest in the area.)
Richardson, John / By Canoe Down the Coppermine
Richey, Warren / Without A Paddle: Racing 1200 miles Around FL by Kayak
Riviere, Bill / The Open Canoe
Robins, John D. / The Incomplete Angler
Roden, Allan & Diane / Mississippi Howl
Ross, Alex / Coke Stop in Emo: Adventures of a Long-Distance Paddler
Rowlands, John J. / Cache Lake Country (Life in the North Woods)
Rutstrum, Calvin / Chips From A Wilderness Log
Rutstrum, Calvin / North American Canoe Country
Rutstrum, Calvin / Paradise below Zero

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