Friday, January 21, 2011

No Water in St. Johns

I just spoke with Jeanne at Middleton's Fish Camp on Blue Cypress Lake west of Vero Beach, Florida.  I've been anguishing over the water level in the river for the last several months.  Jeanne does the fishing reports for the upper St. Johns, so I sought her out for local knowledge on the condition of the river.  As you may have read earlier when I was  doing the planning for the St. Johns trip, the St. Johns River Water Management District reported that the water levels were the lowest they have seen in a couple decades---so low that the river bed was being run with ATV's.  I've watched weather reports showing rain storms rolling through Northern Florida, but they've been north of the headwaters of the river, so haven't contributed to the health of  marshes and river.  Jeanne reported that none of that has changed.  The water level in the Blue Cypress Lake is down two feet, which still means the headwaters between Blue Cypress and Lake Washington are still dry.  The result is that the St. Johns River trip is off for this year, and since I had already planned on the Florida Circumnavigation as Plan B, that will now move to the forefront. 
The Florida Circumnavigation goes counter-clockwise around the state from near of the Alabama state line, down through the Keys, and up the East Coast to the Georgia state line north of Jacksonville.

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