Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Comanche Powwow - Part 2

This beautiful young lady is wearing what is known as a jingle
dress.  It originated from several bands of the Ojibwe, but through
dance competitions can be found now among most tribes.  It is covered
with row on row of light metal cones that ring when they come together
in response to the rhythm of the drum and singing.
One of the things I was most impressed with was that while many tribes have lost their language to a large extent, the Comanche seem to have their language intact.  Several speeches, prayers, and songs were done totally in their native tongue.

The music is provided by a ring of about 12 drummers and singers.  There
were 3 groups performing from different areas of the country.  These were the
Sons of the Drum Singers.  These are traditional songs that reflect different aspect
of tribal history and life.  Anyone that knows the song can join in, and there will often
be 2, 3, or 4 concentric rings of singers around the drummers. 


While we felt unwelcome and will probably never return for another visit, we feel the Comanche still deserve great respect.  They were always known to be independent and uncompromising when they felt they were being infringed upon, whether by other tribes or the Europeans.  While they were known for fierce and violent atrocities in conflicts, it is well to put ourselves in their place.  If our lands, hunting grounds, culture, lifestyle, freedoms, and lives were at stake, may we not have reacted likewise?

Many dances are open to various groups and ages, but when you get
to fancy dress, show in these two photos, you have to be very athletic with
good stamina.

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