Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Is the Blight of 2016 Over?

No, it's not a new boat cushion, but a coccyx cushion. 
But it does seem a nice setting for it.
The paddle on New Year’s Day was supposed to be a way to break 2016’s general ‘suckiness.’  The injury to my tail bone leaves the 2016/2017 sucky balance in question.  The medical pronouncement is that nothing can be done for it unless it is bad enough to require surgery.  No thank you.  For the sake of comfort, they prescribed the use of a cushion or donut to reduce spine and pelvic pressure, 2-3 Aleve or similar per day, and warm bath soaks, which all deal with symptoms rather than a cure.  I asked how long it takes for something like this to heal, and the nurse said, “My sister broke her tail bone years ago, and she still has problems with it.”  So much for the good news.  I guess I just need to sit on it awhile and see what hatches.

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