Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Camping's Top Secrets

Cover Credit: Rowman & Littlefield

Camping’s Top Secrets: A Lexicon of Camping Tips Only the Experts Know, 3rd Edition,  by Cliff Jacobson
(Pub. by Falcon Guides, part of Morris Book Publishing, Guilford, CT and Helena, MT, 2006, 242 pp. plus appendix and index.)

The book lists subjects from A to Y and covers every potential subject from weather, rigging a canoe, treating drinking water, maintaining, improving, and selecting tents and shelters, animal and insect encounters, cooking, first aid, maps, compass and GPS use, camping clothing, gear, sleeping bags, wilderness ethics, knives and axes, lightning, packs, rain gear, selecting and using line, survival, and an appendix of recommended reading and his list of recommended suppliers and products.  How much more could you seek in a book review, or the book itself, other than to say that these are but a few of the 79 topics covered.  Unlike a lot of book that become dated, with the third edition, the author keeps his information up-to-date with the newest materials and techniques.

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