Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nige Ayers' Video Blog

Credit: Nige Ayers

Allow me to introduce Nige Ayers, a Facebook friend from England.  If you don't know him, it's about time to make his acquaintance.  He is a biker, hiker, paddler who does a couple video blog posts a week, what he calls his vlog.  By whatever mode of self-propulsion, he will take you through some really beautiful countryside and small towns, the likes of which you won't see here in the states.  One thing I really enjoy is that the countryside and roadsides always appear to be clean, something else you will never see here in the states.  He puts a lot of work into his posts, which I think we all do, but he sees so little feedback, participation, and subscription to his videos, that he gets a bit down at the mouth occasionally.  To help turn his frown upside-down, please check out his Facebook, vlog, and subscribe.  And, here's an added advantage.  While you're at it, you can just go ahead and subscribe to Log of Ibi as well.  We'll try to keep you informed and entertained.  Cheers.

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