Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arctic & Mississippi Paddling

I feel like a kid at Christmas.  My parcel arrived today from the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources.  I could hardly wait to tear it open.  They sent me the guide book and nine maps that cover the Upper Mississippi River from Lake Itasca to the Iowa state line.  The Corps of Engineers pick the river up from Minneapolis, with one set of maps covering from there down to the Ohio River and Mississippi confluence at Cairo, IL, and another set from there to the Gulf of Mexico.  Right now I'm concentrating on the Arkansas River trip, but I can see these maps and the guide providing a lot of interesting inspection this winter.  Next, I'll order the two sets of maps from the Corps of Engineers.  They are done as double-sided maps, spiral bound into book form. 

I'm grateful to Norm Miller for steering me to this video on his Expedition Canoeing site.  If you didn't see it there, you'll enjoy this.  It is a 9:50 minute video from a 2001 canoe trip into the Arctic as seen from the eyes of a young boy traveling with his parents.  Besides enjoying the youthful exuberance, you'll greatly enjoy the wildlife.  The footage of the caribou migration was wonderful.  Here's the link.

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